Lauren Feller

Expertise: Email Trafficking, Photographer Wrangling

Behind every camera is a strong creative mind, and behind every photographer is a strongly organized manager. Lauren is not only wife to Andrew and friend to Cassie, but she is also the chief brains behind the smooth operations of the business. She has a keen expertise in public relations, earned media and promotional event coordination and design. She functions full-time in a related job within Milwaukee's advertising community and manages to come home to continue her skills with 414 Photography, all while juggling a prolific media presence for her and Andrew's hedgehog, Tank, and guest appearances by their rotund dachshund, Ginger. 

Lauren has a deep and genuine proclivity for the ideals behind, surrounding and for family values, and this is reflective of her dedication and work with 414 Photography's production. As the first contact for the business, she aims to welcome in new clients as members of 414's ever-growing family. She maintains consistent communication throughout the process of scheduling, discussing, designing, shooting and producing each session in order to truly capture all of the client's most valued principles.

Lauren holds expertise in understanding Milwaukee culture, both innovative and old school, and knows how to cultivate and catalyze the creative spirit in her team of artists. The many other facets that give Lauren the creative edge to match her photographer counterparts are yogi, teacher, dance queen and budding photographer.