Cassie Wolffersdorf

Expertise: Babies & Bumps, Family, Seniors

Cassie began her path as a photographer in high school, quickly diving into a degree in Photography at UW-Milwaukee's Peck School of the Arts. During her academics, she worked as a portrait photographer at Glamour Shots and Picture People, where her innate skills at working with children and families began to manifest. In search of her niche in the Milwaukee photography scene, she soon ended up working independently, where she came to know Andrew and was brought on as an integral part of the team.

Cassie's gentle nature inspires laughter and play within her subjects. She brings so much lighthearted joy to her photoshoots, it is contagious to the scene that is being crafted. Her use of natural surroundings, organic interactions, candid smiles and playful lighting is a testament to her creative spirit and rooted understanding of the magic within families, which are her favorite subject to work with.

The ease with which she works behind the camera provides her subjects the same comfort to move and feel authentically in front of it. She has honed her skills at illuminating even the smallest of moments, the minutest of details in the tiniest of subjects, from a newborn's first moments of curiosity to the tender connection within prenatal mothers. She takes these loving memories and truly turns them into something tangible and lasting.