How to make your LinkedIn profile stand out

A good photo on your linkedIn is literally the book cover for your online resume. Think about it, you are a recruiter searching for the next candidate for your open position, are you going to click on the profile with a grainy photo of a guy mean mugging at the camera at his cousin’s wedding? Of course not, you are going to click on the bright and friendly looking profile of the person who took the time to put a little effort into the image your chose to represent themself with. Here are a few super simple ways to make the most out of that tiny but all important stamp on your personal brand.


Research has shown (no really University of MN did a study on this) that smiling makes you appear more “likable”. For extra points add just a little teeth. A sublet laugh is great too, but be careful not to do too much.

My Post-3.jpg

Dress the part

Not saying to not have any personality, but make sure you look like someone who works in the field you work in? John Doe wearing a flannel shirt in the woods doesn’t say “IT Specialist” and Jane Doe wearing that cute yellow dress on the beach doesn’t scream “Leader in Contract Litigation” Oh, and that photo of you from your sister’s wedding? That doesn’t tell anyone anything about your professionalism.

Look at the camera

I like photos looking off camera, but on LinkedIn it’s about engaging. People searching for you on LinkedIn need to feel a connection, and that starts with the eyes.


My Post-6.jpg

Head, a little shoulder, and that’s the the shot. No really, that’s all you need. Your profile pic is only a thumbnail image, so fill it with your face. The goal here is to allow people to get an introduction to you, not telling your life story in a 200x200 pixel space.

Stand out from the crowd

Bright and in color…. black and white, is great and all but color is generally your best friend for LinkedIn or similar online profiles. Think about it, the website is white, the text is black, so would you want your profile photo to blend in with all of that?

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