Dress the part: what to wear for your headshot session

What you should wear for your headshot session:

Headshot day at the office is kinda like picture day back in grade school. You gotta look sharp because this photo will, in a way, go into the yearbook for everyone to see.  Picking the right outfit is key. It offers subtle clues for how you want others to perceive and receive you. Here’s a few tips to consider when selecting the wardrobe for your headshot session.

Comfort is king

First and foremost, be comfortable. If you feel uncomfortable, you will look uncomfortable  Think about what you’d wear for that client presentation or for that important interview--your own or a prospective client.  What impression do you want to make? You don’t have to buy a new outfit, but whether it’s new of an old favorite, it must fit. Too tight or too loose can give the wrong impression about how you represent your personal brand.


If you have a required uniform, you can stop reading this section.  For those who have a little more freedom, though, here is an easy tip about your color or pattern scheme: Less is more.  When planning your outfit, think about using solid colors. Patterns can make a bold statement, and--for the most part--you want your business profile headshot to be about you, not the bright flower shirt you wear on Wednesdays. Also, tight patterns are often distracting to the eye (think a herringbone suit or small checkers). I’m always happy to assist and consult about selecting the correct pattern, so always feel free to ask. When in doubt, use Henry Ford’s method of “any color you want as long as its black.”  That’s always a good method.

Shoes for your headshot session:

Now to quote Tyra Banks: “You pose from your head to your toes.”   It’s 100% true. Wearing the right shoe doesn’t just help you feel confident and comfortable, it affects your posture.  High heels, for example, often produce a stronger stance that encourages subtle--but effective--movement for the rest of your body. I'll often have you move your feet or stance to change the angle or to give you that “pop” in your pose.  Standing in a comfortable pair of shoes is way more fun. Also, if you walk in wearing a freshly polished pair of wingtips, you’ll earn a compliment because style deserves a bit of flattery.


Similar to choosing the perfect shirt color scheme or pattern, less is best when it comes to accessories. These photos are about you and that winning smile; why distract from that with three necklaces or a giant polka-dotted bow tie? Remember, too, to pair accessories with the outfit.  The easy trick here is if you’re buying a fresh new shirt, take a peek at how the mannequin is styled at the store. Some time ago, there was a professional stylist thinking of you when they assembled the accessories with that wardrobe..

Picking an outfit for that upcoming headshot session is. The most important things to keep in mind are to be you, and go with your gut.  If you are ever in doubt though, before your session, send me an email with a quick cell phone pic or two. I’m always happy to help guide and consult to help make your headshot session a success.