Zoe Lauryn - Focus Fitness Coaching


What I love most about working with small businesses and solo entrepreneurs is the unique diversity within any market space. Each business has its own story to tell and I take great joy in assisting to tell each one. 

Take Zoe Lauryn. She is a talented personal trainer in the Milwaukee area. Together we sculpted a unique to her editorial portrait session for her new website, a series of blog posts, and social media marketing efforts. While she is a locally available personal trainer for in person training, she also works tirelessly to offer quality coaching in an online space as well. So, in addition to headshots, we wanted to create clean and clear photos that showcased a series of workouts and techniques along with a small image library for her own "stock photography" that she can pull from to draw attention to her Instagram and Facebook post to direct traffic to her website. 

To see some of the photography in action, and to learn more about Zoe's 3 month ono-on-one program Focused Fitness Coaching be sure to check out her site at www.zoelauryn.com

Does your business have a story to tell? Just need a fresh update for the employee directory? Lets chat! Email me directly at Andrew@414photography.com


Below is a sample of a series of photo taken to show the transition and techniques for a number of simple exercises. These photos will be used for future blog posts on Zoe's site as well as for social media and digital banners.

Ellie and Molly's Lakefront Brewery Engagement Session

Amanda and Eric's cozy fall Richfield Wisconsin Wedding