Baby Harvey!

Baby Harvey!

by Cassie


There’s no better way to welcome a new addition to the world than getting the whole family together and capturing those first few days at home.  That’s just what Harvey’s family and I did on a cold morning.

Usually newborn sessions are full of feedings, burpings and diaper changes, but Harvey slept the entire time I was there. Not only was Harvey probably one of the easiest babies I’ve photographed, but the whole family was also relaxed and such a pleasure to work with.. We started out with some family photos and then focused on some sweet moments of just Mom and Dad with their new little guy. 

Harvey did such a great job when it came to focusing all on him. I really could have photographed him all day long. What a cutie pie! I can guarantee you I certainly don’t look this adorable and peaceful when I sleep. ;-)

Because Harvey was such a gem, I decided to devote some of my time to photographing his big brother, Elliott, as well. Unlike Harvey, Elliott had lots of energy! I could tell he wasn’t so sure about the strange lady with a camera at first but eventually he warmed up, and we had some fun. He liked to show me how he can catch and throw his ball. We had lots of fun playing games like peek-a-boo too! I absolutely love interacting and capturing kids in their own environment. 

The time - and challenge - came to try to get Harvey’s sleepy ways and Elliott’s energy together. Elliott’s natural curiosity about Harvey made for some adorable moments.

We were wrapping things up, and, before I knew it, Elliott took it upon himself to sit in the basket too! If Harvey can do it, so can Elliott. 

I left this session feeling super fortunate to be able to photograph such lovely families! Thanks for a great time Ilana, Adam, Elliott and Harvey!


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Thank you for a wonderful 2015.