Heding Family Session

by Cassie Lynn

I met Charlotte when her mama brought her to my former portrait studio for Charlotte's very first photo session as just an itty bitty one month old. I saw her every month until Charlotte was a year old.

I’ve since then moved to 414 Photography, but Amy, Charlotte’s mom, was determined that I would still photograph the now two year old Charlotte and her family. And I'm so glad she was - her family is such a delight!

The agenda on this particular day was to photograph Amy’s parents and the grandkids, Charlotte, Hunter, and Lukas.

(On a delightfully adorable note, I learned that Charlotte calls her Grandma “Honey” instead of “Grandma”. I fell over from the cuteness overload.)

They warmed up very quickly and, not before long, there was a lot of laughing and giggling going on…

...maybe from the flatulence-inspired jokes I was telling behind the camera to make Lukas and Hunter give me some smiles. Works. Every. Time.

There was also some hand holding…

There was twirling…

and some tickling…I take that back - there was LOTS of tickling!

Needless to say, we all had a fantastic time together. Honey and Grandpa are lucky to have three extraordinary grandchildren!

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