Mini MKE Sessions: First Edition

We've seen a lot of growth this year and can't help but feel an astonishing sense of gratitude when looking at how much has changed. From extending our offerings to gaining new clients, all of this has been possible because of you.

Perhaps the most wonderfully impactful change has been the addition of Cassie Lynn to the team. With Cassie's positive energy and love of all things baby and kids, she effortlessly rounded out the team.

And when you have a Cassie, you have to have a mini session.

What's a mini session? A 15-minute shoot where we find the perfect location and bring the lighting, equipment (including stuffed animals and snacks - we are prepared for anything!) and photographers and you bring the family and smiles. 

What happens in 15 minutes? We capture about 5-10 grandma's-family-photo-wall-worthy photos of the kiddos or the whole family.

The best part? It really does take 15 minutes. Straight up. You're in and out so fast, meltdowns (from the kids or the parents) aren't even possible.

For our first session, we partnered with our good friend Laura Hiatt of Makeup by L.Hiatt. She welcomed us into her lovely studio with open arms and a little something extra for the families - makeup touchups to ensure every detail was picture perfect.

The day could not have gone more smoothly or been more fun. Not only did Cassie have the kids giggling with her proven smile-producing tactics, the adults in the room couldn't help but grin cheek to cheek. 

From the too-cute-for-words Ott twin girls to the Steins and Dominick (who has his Uncle Andrew's good looks, if we do say so ourselves) to the Christensens and Laura's favorite assistant (and daughter) Izzy to Caleb, the littlest Waring, we couldn't have asked for a better group of families and friends.

Thank you to everyone who came out, spent the morning with us and met Cassie. And to everyone else - don't you worry. We have another mini session in the works for early November - just in time for those holiday cards.