Sarah and Robert's Engagement at Lion's Den Gorge Nature Preserve

Sarah and Robert's Engagement at Lion's Den Gorge Nature Preserve

I love a good "full-circle" moment. 

I've been working with Sarah since I first decided to take this photography thing on full time.  She's been there from the beginning, giving me advice, support and encouragement and - most importantly - some of my first gigs.


One of the best nuggets of advice Sarah gave? "You should talk to Robert."

And so I did. And he's the gentleman who handles all the fine print and legal things and such that makes this whole operation legit. 

Oh, and Lauren (the lady behind the photog) has worked with Sarah since Lauren was an intern. See what I mean about full circle?


Sarah and Robert are happy "parents" to their puppy Dexter.  We started our engagement shoot in their back yard for a quick family photo... Dexter was mostly cooperative :)


We continued along to Lion's Den Gorge Nature Preserve in Grafton, WI for the rest of our shoot. One thing that anyone who meets Sarah and Robert will learn is that they take life on with laughter.  The giggles and jokes made our time together entertaining and created a lot of uniquely-Sarah-and-Robert photos to share :)


I am extraordinarily excited to photograph their wedding this coming December... not only because it's in Cancun (not going to lie, thats going to be awesome) but because I am honored to call them friends. Congrats, guys!


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