Jensen Wedding

by Andrew Feller

Photographing one of the most important days in a couple’s life is truly a great honor. But when they invite you to fly down to Mexico and spend the week with their closest friends and family it’s both an honor AND a pleasure. :D

Sarah and Robert are a fun, genuine couple.  Sarah knows me from my public relations and event work for the agencies she worked for over the years. When we met to plan their wedding photo, Sarah said, in true PR fashion, “I only want like 3 or 4 money shots.” However, I figured I should grab a few more while I was there. ;)

Weddings by Funjet put together an awesome package for their guests.  From the amazing staff of Finest Playa Mujeres to the beautiful scenery, we were never short of amazing views and plenty of relaxation..  

Before most of the guests arrived, we decided to take full advantage of the beach and did a fun test shoot… because why not? Or as Sarah and her friends would say “because reasons.”

These two spent most of the week in the water… whether it be pool side with a drink in hand, fully clothed during a test shoot, swimming with dolphins (how is that for a “bachelorette” party?) or on the big day for a sunset trash the dress session.

When the big day arrived they received a ton of “good luck” from the sky in the morning, but the rain let up just in time for us to do our portraits on the beach.

The ceremony was also beachside… because reasons… and it was stunning. 

After the ceremony the sunset was perfect for some more portraits.  We invited everyone there to come take advantage of the beautiful sky before Sarah hopped back into the water. In her wedding dress.

I love trash the dress photos. You’ve got to be fully committed though because, once that first wave hits, there is no going back.  We also learned that a wet wedding dress takes about 4+ friends to carry out of the ocean.

The tiki hut reception site was made even more perfect with a bonfire.  Because what is a beachside wedding without s’mores to go with your margarita? 

Sarah and Robert treated their guests to a cigar roller who educated onlookers about the quality and fine technique that goes into making a fine cigar.  A few guests jumped at the opportunity to roll one themselves, but most of the guys kicked back and enjoyed the results.

I love showing the bride, groom and guests the back for the camera when they ask… but occasionally I keep a few surprises for the reveal.  With a small group like this its a lot of fun for me because I can take full advantage of trying different things, staging some unique shots and capturing as much of the action as possible.

Sarah and Robert are such an amazing couple to work with and fantastic friends to have.  This was my first destination wedding; I cannot wait for the next one.

Thank you for a wonderful 2015.

The Cera Family