The Cera Family

by Cassie

I consider myself a very lucky gal because I get  to photograph some awesome families for a living. Among this wonderful group are the Ceras. I have worked with them since their little Ramona was born (she’s two now), and every time I get to photograph them I have such a blast.

Also…Isn’t the name Ramona just the most adorable name you’ve ever heard. I swoon just about every time I say it.


Jennifer, Joe and Ramona just moved into their very first home near the Menomonee River Parkway in Wauwatosa. This location may sound familiar to you, as I love the outdoor backdrop for my families (the bridge is perfect!). However, we wanted to highlight this big step in the Ceras' life, so we decided to keep the photo shoot intimate and cozy at home.

First we ventured outside for a little bit while we still had some daylight, using the most perfect staircase right near their house.

Then we moved to their porch to capture some essence of being home.

It started to get a little chilly out, so we moved inside to warm up by a nice fire that Joe made for us. This is the most cozy home I’ve ever been in. I felt like I walked right into a cottage featured in HGTV magazine.

I love these silhouetted photos of them - it’s almost like they forgot I was there.

Ramona wanted to show me her big girl bedroom, so I followed her upstairs so she could show me. Ramona was so proud of her big book collection - she couldn’t wait to show them off. I love a girl that loves her books!

We were about to end the session when Joe asked if I wanted to see all their matching moose pajamas. How could I resist that?

My husband makes sure to point out that I am a serial over-user of the word “cute,” so I’ll have to use a synonym to describe these photos of their matching moose pajamas.

Aren’t they Adorable? Darling? Sweet? Lovely? Cuddly?

The Cera family is all of the above!

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