Baltimore New Years Spectacular

I celebrated the start of 2015 the only way knew how: photographing an event. I had the opportunity to photograph Baltimore’s New Year’s Eve Spectacular for Southwest Vacations and All-Inclusive Hard Rock Hotels.... pretty sweet gig if I do say so myself.

Here's a quick video I put together for the event team to summarizes the almost-Wisconsin-cold, 16-hour day.  Despite the elements, the team had a blast,  and everyone who stopped by was smiling and having a good time.  

"The music in the video is of local Milwaukee group Zack Pietrini and the Broken Bones who I am really excited to be working with again on a few things in 2015, but that is all for another post."

We arrived in the morning to an empty lot and waited for the stage to arrive.  I love watching these mobile stages unfold... kind of like a real life transformer. (For the record, I am sure this one would have been an Autobot because the music that night was so good)


While the stage unfolded the event team I was hanging out with unpacked, sorted and prep’d literally thousands of giveaway items.  They had these really cool things I think they called "lum-i-tons" (but I kept referring to them as light sabers) that were the must-have item of the night.

One thing that was really interesting to me was their mobile green screen setup.  The line for this was non-stop and people loved it.  I've worked with a green screens before, but this one was pretty cool.  Normally, the photographer takes a picture, and the image is saved to a card. Then the card is loaded onto a computer where a program changes the background. Finally, the completed photo is then emailed or printed.  But these guys just snapped your pic with an iPad and immediately texted and emailed to you.... Done and done.


Where there is a stage with a great band, I, of course, am there to grab some shots of them rocking out.  The band was called Smashing Pilots, a 90's tribute band, and they did the best cover of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” I've ever heard.

I’m glad I can travel so easily for events like this; this one was a fun one! Cheers to 2015!

Zach Pietrini & the Broken Bones Video Shoot

Small Biz Saturday!